I’m in love

Can’t sleep…

Entertain me until I get tired? Send me pics, tell me a story, give me ideas of kinky stuff to do, make demands for stuff for me to do…. I dont currrrr who wants in?

EXACTLY what I want

EXACTLY what I want

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I wanna have a threesome so bad

I wanna have a threesome so bad

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Got my first nude from someone on Tumblr! It was great! Now all of you guys should keep this streak alive!?!?


Me and my girlfriend are coming up with a list of kinky sex things to do to each other. What are some sexy and crazy things we can do to each other?

I Love….

masturbating and fighting really hard not to cum. Bringing myself right on the verge of it and then holding back. Makes it so you get to the point that just the slightest stroke could tip you over.

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Female followers, my inbox is empty. Fill it.

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Anonymous said: I want you to write a BDSM story that makes me cum. ;) M/f preferably.

I had always wanted to take her up to the mountains for a night to try and learn how to ski and I was finally getting my chance. I bought her a ski lesson for the night so that they could help her out way more than I ever could. I had no clue how right I would be. After we rented her the gear this rugged man comes out from around the corner and greets us. I immediately saw my girlfriends eyes work their way up and down his body. He was chiseled from head to toe. He takes her outside onto the bunny hill and begins the lesson. I can see as he shows her the leg positioning, grabbing her side as she bends at the knees and hips. It began with just a small little touch but soon he would be aligning his body with hers to show her the proper stance. I could see in her eyes that she was dripping wet just from his touch, even with the snow clothes on. He follows her slowly down the hill and she takes a little fall landing right on top of him. I am watching from far off and am completely locked into the scene. I’m thinking that I should probably be enraged, but I’m rock hard and intensely curious. I watch as they giggle and  he asks if she is ok. She says that she hit her knee pretty hard against his and it hurts a little. He mentions that he could find her some ice in the lodge for her to put on it. I watch as he leads her into the ski lodge and I run to catch up with them and see what is going on. I look around but do not see them anywhere so I decide to check upstairs. I walk around the corridors and hear noises coming from behind a door that says employees only. I manage to creek the door open just slightly to see whats going on inside. Inside my girlfriend is being ravaged against on a desk by the big man with both of them ripping their layers off. She runs her hands down his ripped chest and down past his six pack to grab onto the bulge in his pants. He takes his pants off to reveal a bulging cock. She gets down on her knees and squeezes it between her large tits and then furiously sucks on his cock. He can only take so much of this before he lifts her back up onto the desk, licks his fingers, and rubs them all over her soaking wet pussy. She begs him to give it to her. He puts it inside her and lifts her legs and drives it in and out harder and harder. She moans with ecstasy and screams to fuck her harder and harder. At least 3 times she arches her back in a screaming orgasm. He picks her up and holds her as his cock sinks further and further into her pussy. They have one last orgasm together while her holds her in an intimate embrace as she moans while their tongues wrap. As they scurry to return to the slopes so as to not tip me off, I frantically run off so they wont see me on their way out. We never talked about what happened that day, but I always wonder if they saw my cum on the outside of that door when they left.

Sorry no BDSM

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